Sharon Eruv Credits

Eruv Credits

We all wish to thank the many people who tirelessly labor to make and maintain our Eruv

Rabbi Noah Cheses
Rabbinical supervisor
Mitchell Klausner
President, Sharon Eruv Society
Rav Moshe Heinemann, Shlit"a
Rav HaMakhshir

Eruv Repair

Dave Poshkus
(master electrician) of Canton (781-828-8052)
Eli Chernin
(master Eruv Service and Repair Specialist) of Sharon (781-367-6519)
David Katz
(master contractor) of Sharon (339-364-0952)

Eruv Checkers

Dozens of eruv checkers have helped over the years. Their weekly investigations often involve hiking through inhospitable territory in inclement weather. Without their efforts, the eruv wouldn't exist. Thank you!

Eruv Check Writers

And of course thanks to the many people who contribute every year to keep the eruv financially sound.

Technical Assistance

Webpages, maps etc. are maintained by Amir Karger and Seth Kosowsky.

Past Contributors

Rabbi Meir Sendor
Rabbinical supervisor emeritus
Rav Shimon Eider, Ztz"l
Original Rav HaMakhshir
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